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Monday, May 4, 2009

Fahmi's RRI Ride on new Bike - previous ride 15 03 09

I took Fahmi into RRI to test his new bike. Purchased from ABC where Uncle Ong measured him and tailored the bicycle to fit his size.

At the entrance into RRI we ran into the group from Seksyen 4 who regularly rides into RRI. First time I met Kudin after hearing his name being mentioned for so long.

No Photos of Fahmi cycling as I was too busy guiding him up and listening to his incesant complaints about the mosquitoes. Only managed to get photos at the top of the Radar tower. No msquitoes there

Fahmi at the tower, in background the riders from Seksyen 4

Fahmi at different angle, background the hills of Frim

Another angle with Subang Airport for background. (My wife scolded me for taking him to a dangerous place. Note there are no railings. It is a Radar tower after all)

Background Subang Airport again

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