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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bang Aji's Food

This is also another overdue posting, (blaming it on the backlog) I remember editing the photos to make them clearer but somehow or rather I lost track of their location in the pc. (There must be at least double copies of every photo in the pc)

Anyway back to the storyline, after the tiring ordeal of the Putrajaya Challenge Park on the Chinese New Year Holidays, we adjourned for lunch at a newly opened shop owned by a close friend (affectionately known to us as Bang Aji) located at Giant Putra Heights.

Incidentally, it is very close to Bukit Cermin ( The fantastic downhill track) which I never hope to participate in, only to watch.

The food was sambalicious to say the least, Kudos to Bang Aji. I would not be putting it down here if it were not for the 2 factors, - Delicious food and old friend, this is a cycling blog after all.

Fariq and Eddy had the Nasi Kukus, Din and me had the mee cuun ( shortform for the Johor Mee Racon) Anyway, it was a delightful medley of Kelantanese (Bang Aji) and Johor (Emi) food. We had 2 fried keli compliments of the house. But we paid for the rest of the food (no point in taking advantage of a friend)

Anyway, for those reading this blog, do give it a try if you are ever in the Bukit Cermin area. I recommend it highly. Not expensive and filling the hungry stomachs.

Bang Aji wandering how Eddy and Fariq finished their meal so fast

Eddy inspecting any leftovers on the plate

The Mee Cuun, just after first testing

Din baloning his Mee Cuun, head and bones are all that is left of the keli on the right. It was starters for us

All that is left of the Mee Cuun, just the kuah, even that was finished after this photo was taken

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