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Monday, May 4, 2009

The Chengkau Man rides

We finally got someone from Chengkau to ride. Hj Kamarulzaman, anak jati chengkau, both parents from Chengkau, rode the RRI track with me last week. He is set to join the club. All set for pairing with Din of Kg Selomak.

For me it was eventful ride as my first ride chatting non stop but not out of breath. Hj Kamarulzaman was quietly listening to my chatter. Later he admitted that he was controlling breathing as it was his first ride offroad.

First rest at scenic corner before Indonesian or is it now Vietnamese encampment

Posing for the camera with small stream as background

Petronas lubricant for daughter's Piranha bicycle ( a bit small for him)

Going up the track to the Celcom BTS

I'm trailing from behind

Massaging tired foot and legs after the climb at the peak (the former Subang Airport Radar station)

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