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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cycle Log

What we see when we reach the peak (motivation factor)

Today, Eddy took Ezzat into Frim for his 2nd ride, a variety in comparison to RRI.

Dr Khairul went thrashing up the jungle from the Orang Asli village at Bukit Lagong in an attempt to find a route out at Commonwealth village. The trek went from 9.00 am and ended at 6.00 pm but they did not make it as they failed to find the route.

The good doctor, came out very much healthier as he was bleeded by at least 5 leeches during the attempt.

Brother Adnan (not Joe Adnan, but an avid and experienced mountain biker all the same) who is supposed to lead us for Batu Dam tomorrow advised to postpone the ride as the track is waterlogged due to heavy rain and not passable.

Instead tomorrow, Din, Fariq and me will attempt the Kota Damansara Community forest for the first time. The route, according to what I know has never been really explored before. Dr Khairul may join us if he is not too tired. Insyaallah we will make it.Taif may come along.

Also, I have also received several request to change the base for the site from blogspot as it not easily accessible. Hey, I'm not supposed to be the webmaster. I'm not that good at IT, and this was the easiest but I'll see what can be done

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