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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kota Damansara Community Forest Ride

The four of us did the KD Community Forest ride today. Amid worries that we might get lost as there was a record of lost trekkers, we came out fine. We went in at about 9.30 am and exited at about 10.45 am. Based on the advise of Cikgu Harun, a teacher at the school fronting the forest, we took the entrance beside the lake.

It was push push push all the way up before we could cycle. At one point I was rather worried that we may not even be able to cycle in there. But all is well that ends well. The uphill climb was for about slightly more than a kilometre before it was downhill ride.

The downhil was fabulous, Fariq loved it as did Dr Kahirul and Din. I faced problems with my handle stems or rather horns as they frequently got caught in hanging vines.

All in all, I estimate the route was about 4 to 5 kilometres. No accuracy though as cyclometer was not on.

Dr Khairul and Din wanted to do another loop but we decided to postpone it for next week. We'll do a gotong royong to clean the place up first.

Find this signboard, you're there

The walkway beside the lake

Very tranquil view of the lake

We took this entrance today

We'll take this entrance next time

Taking a breather after pushing

Din - Are we lost yet?

Dr Khairul back from checking a fork

Follow the Yellow tags - you won't get lost

Another Yellow tag

Fariq at trademark root, marking beginning of downhill

View of the lake on trail 2

Fuzzy view of the trail

The downhill exit, just before garbage dump

Other Riders, ( they took the wrong route, coming again next week )

The lake after exit, there are anglers now.

A view at exit

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