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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Chengkau Cycling Club (CCC)

First meeting with BBB - BC Kelolo fully equiped at far right Eddy at Rawang Sungai Choh Ride

    Fariq at gap on the Frim - Sg Buloh trail
It is now historical, the rides, the TT's and of course the visits to various bicycle dealers around KL to find items of interest. But still, a little background on how it all started would be informative at least.

It all started in August 2008 when suddenly almost all of us ex goatherds found a passion for mountain biking. It began when the 3 of us had our first ride together in Frim. There were rides before of course. RRI, FRIM, around Subang, KD and Shah Alam. But that particular day was the first time the ex goatherds rode together. We ran into the BBB - Bandar Tasek Puteri Bicycle Brigade.

Din (pioneer member) said, why don't we start our own? Eddy and I agreed and thus it began. There is still a long way to go but we have members now.

Din, Eddy, me, K'man, Taif, Fariq, Shukor, Dr Khairul, Azri, Fahmi and soon maybe Ezzat and Ezzam now that Fahmi is riding.

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