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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Used Bicycles for Charity

This is a new project, so far Eddy has agreed, I haven't spoken to Din yet, but I do not foresee any difficulty.

We are collecting used bicycles of all sizes to be donated to poor children in Perlis. This was following the meeting I had with Raja Saadi of Yayasan Budimas who visited the poor in Perlis last week.

In the discussion, he mentioned that the children of the poor in Perlis would be more than happy to receive used bicycles, as their main mode of transport to school was walking.

What we intend to do is :-

Collect unwanted used bicycles.
Repair and restore them to riding condition.
Put them on a lorry and
Distribute them to the poor in Perlis.

No Target Numbers yet,
No Target dates yet.

This will be updated soon.

No numbers set yet, but we will definitely create a ride there.

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