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Monday, January 26, 2009

Putrajaya Challenge Park Chinese New Year Ride

We did the Putrajaya Challenge Park today. Invitation from BBB but we got there first. Apparently the BBB team got sidetracked and arrived very much later.

For the beginner, instructions to the location. Straight up the Chinese Cemetery road from Dengkil or through Taman Selatan Precint 20 from the Dengkil Road. It is on the border of Precint 5 and 20. I think it is in Precint 5 anyway.

Track description, many trails, pick your choice, not for the faint hearted though (me included - I had a bad case of vertigo), fast downhills with unexpected turns, unexpected jumps and of course a DH jump track. Wide berms so it is actually quite safe but nevertheless, I fell twice as did Din, Fariq had one, the only one who got away Scotfree was Eddy (luck of the Scottish).

We got introduced to the track by our guide Kamil who we met there and kindly lead the way for us. Jazakallah Brother Kamil.

Photos galore, I got quite good videos of the jumps on the phone camera but in the PC it looks terrible. I won't post it until I can get it refined.

The downhill run
Flying without wings
Another Flyer
and another flyer
beginning of the jump

M Bikers at the jump location, bigger crowd than you can see
Still Pushing up the trail
Pushing up the trail

Din at final leg, we going for lunch after this...

Fariq after 2nd stage at jump location
Eddy beginning 2nd stage
Resting after completion of 1st stage
Our friendly guide Brother Kamil -He fractured his left collarbone the very next day at the same track
Kamil and his White Stallion
Eddy happy to begin his descent
I already have vertigo
Eddy and Din at the top
At the top of the Hill in the beginning


  1. 27/2/09
    went to challenge park again this morning.. 3 days in a row.. but luck was not on my side this time.
    broke my collar bone on left shoulder.
    - melbangi

  2. Bro Kamil, hope you are well and your wife will still allowing you to rides...

  3. Bro Kamil, sorry to hear that. I hope you recover soon. Drinking milk helps. The low fat type. I took up mountain biking to because I drank too much full cream, fresh milk, to recover from broken leg

  4. thanks a lot for the tip. Luckily i got plenty of those low fat type.
    'See you on the trail'...errr but not so soon la.

  5. Bro Kamil, should take 6 to 7 weeks to recover, but don't strain the bone. By the way, where did you fall?

  6. just got back from clinic,.. yes you're right..i got 6 weeks MC. fractured bone looks like still have contact, taken from one angle of x-ray.
    again you're right,'dont strain the bone' replied the doctor when i asked him should i do some exercise to speed up my recovery.
    btw, i fall after descent.. before the jump location. i think i was goin a bit faster than before and braking too late. i was havin a blast that day...after been 4 times in tmn cabaran b4 this happened. anyway, i'll be more careful next time.