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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Family RRI ride - Ezzat's initiation

Ezzat's initiation ride, 2nd day of Chinese New Year. My only comment was, the mosquitoes were definitely in festive mood. They did not leave us alone for one moment, despite the 2 types of repelants we used. Pictures speak louder than words.

The Happy Gathering before we were hit by the mosquitoes. From the left Eddy, Ezzat, Fariq, Fahmi and Afiqah.

Starting out under the tree canopy.

Exiting the canopy and bye bye mosquitoes for the moment anyway.

Riding in the morning sun.

The usual 1st stop, at the bridge.

Ezzat posing for the camera

Family posing for the deceptive photo.

The guardians

Fahmi scratching mosquito bites

At the peak, Fahmi still scratching

At the peak

Father and Son

Fahmi on his mountain bike wannabe, trailing last, lucky no dogs today.

Afiqah in front trailing all the others

Afiqah taking a breather at the end.

1 comment:

  1. It's a good relaxing rides.....the children loves it except the mosquitoes bites!! Good pictures though it's shot from cell phone.

    A note of advise to parent out there...in view of current Dengue fever scare, perhaps you may want to think twice before taking kids for rides at RRI trails.