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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hulu Tamu Ride Photos

Hulu Tamu ride 14th Feb 2009 - I think the most memorable ride we have ever done todate. 7 of us , Eddy, Fariq, Fazrul, Rosli, Din Subang, Ilyias and me. Others could not make it.

Almost everything went wrong in the morning, and we only reached Hulu Tamu Hotsprings at 11.15 am. We started cycling at 11.30. Reached the top at 2.30. Fazrul went on ahead the orang asli trail up to the waterfalls. The rest rested below, victim of 3 punctures, two tire changes and at least 3 leech bites each.

Back to the Hot springs at 4.30. Anyway, pictures speak for themselves. This should have been posted at least a week ago, but I had to learn how to resize photos because 3 cameras were used.

Gathering at the start of the expedition

The road to the orang asli village

The first river crossing

Putting on shoes after river crossing

After 2nd river crossing, Eddy answering query from missus, lambat balik hari ni la.

Climbing the steep 4x4 track

1st rest after steep track

The log bridge

Crossing the log bridge individual style

Rosli carrying his bike across

Everyone has crossed

Into the orang asli trail

3rd crossing

Eddy, shoes finally wet

Coming to the 4th crossing

After 4th crossing

Others still at 4th crossing

Water water everywhere

One rider out, the other still in

Rosli in the water, Eddy "I'll take the rocks"

Further up the trail" alamak pancit"

Confirm puncture " Sapa ada spare tiub?"

Tube change, broken pumps

"Hello Fazrul, kau dah lepas kemana? kita orang sangkut"

Fazrul's target. Hulu Tamu Waterfalls

Posing with camera on log. Seronok sampai dah terlupa kat geng

Ilyias checking leech bites, Fazrul dah balik, at rapids below puncture site

Rosli "Kasut masuk pasir"

Eddy cooling off

Ilyias finally found his leech, in helmet

Leech head injury victim, "aku kat mana ni?" memory loss

The culprit before being slaughtered.

Cooking hot water for tea

Pouring hot tea, very nice in forest.

Eddy cooling hot tea in cool river.

"Aahh, teh o pun teh o la"

Ran out of food "Kuaci pun jadi"

Fariq, sejuk air ni

Bukan kembar siam

Praying on a rock, in middle of river.

Ready to go back, (missus waiting)

Washing muddy bicycles in river on the way out

Hulu Tamu, We will return Insya'allah. Better prepared.

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