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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rawang Perdana Sg Choh Ride - Additional Photos

In response to complaints that I did not do justice to the Rawang Perdana Sg Choh ride. Now with additional photos, I'm doing my best. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so here's 24,000

The initial climb up. This is stage one.

Eddy completing stage one.

Dr Khairul - Checking water level

Fariq - ahh rest.

Our group at stage one.

Din - Fadhilah Kamsah on Ipod, very motivated

Din - I can do it.

Eddy with BBB in background

Din - BBB in background, Fadhilah Kamsah still motivating

Downhill we go after the climb

Dr Khairul and our host Ismail after the descent.

Alamak - Basikal sudah rosak, turun laju sangat.

Boleh repair ni. ketuk ketuk sikit ok.

At the peak - basikal rosak balik

At the peak - we can push downhill

At the peak - Group photo everyone, note the age of the riders

At the end of the trail, uphill,downhill, uphill,uphill and final long downhill

Young guns

Eddy - ahh, can rest legs, nice platform.

Din - Fadhilah Kamsah still hasn't finished his job.

Bikers turned into bathers

Cooling the bottoms after hard ride

Oooh Leganya

Din - finally free of Fadhilah Kamsah, I am a changed person

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