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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Kota Damansara Community Forest Clear and Ride

8 Riders turned up for the event. Not many but enough for a 1st time effort. We managed to clear a lot of minor obstacles but the fallen trees were too much for us remove. I don't have many photos but a lot were taken by Din of Seksyen 4. We spent about 1 hour chopping the 1st big log, successful in cutting into two but too heavy to move.

Looking forward to the TRAKS event on 15th February with their works team.

Ezzat at the trademark root coil tree

Biker without helmet at same tree (always wear your helmet)

Ilyias after event with cuts on both legs.

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  1. i rasa kan next time we should organised some kind of makan2 baru ramai will turn up he he.. i ingat nak sponsor roti canai la and the best man o yang paling rajin dapat roti telur amacam..