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Monday, December 21, 2009

Kuala Kubu Baru Bukit Fraser Ride

Firstly for me, this was definitely the Ride of the Year... the ultimate ride, despite being a road ride.

When it was first brought up by Din of Kelab Kembara PKNS, I was just toying with the idea. I always wanted to do it but... it is a long long ride... uphill. I talked about it with Yong of Tukang Basikal Fook Sang, he said" No way!!! Not suitable for weekend cyclist like you" I asked Uncle Ong of ABC, he said " Wahh Bukit Fraser kaa? Mau manyak kuat ooh."

Despite all that, I was determined to go. Din was very encouraging. Anyway the pictures speak for themselves....

Four of us rode that day, Fariq and me of CCC, Khairi of KTR and Din of Kelab Kembara PKNS, incidentally it was his 7th ride up.

Our base camp, the Selangor Dam Information Centre.

Checking Fariq's bicycle.

Khairi checking his bicycle.

Din checking his bicycle.

Jalal who rode from Bukit Beruntung, rode up to Gap with us.

Fariq already to go.

I bought a karung nangka jersey for this ride.

Pre ride meeting, Oii baca doa selamat dulu. Insyaallah sampai.

1 kilometer into the ride, we realized that Khairi was missing, Jalal went to look for him.

I am just enjoying the view at the Dam.

Din " Mana lah si Khairi ni, turun bawah ke? Fariq " Dah sampai, boleh jalan dah.

Din and Fariq in front.

I am catching up

Test camera one hand cycling at corner.

Big man overtaking...

Leave big man behind...

Big man trying to overtake again..

Din leading the pack... Khairi decided to race with Jalal way up front

The Chief for the day. Din of Kelab Kembara PKNS. One really cool cat. He is one real Mamak Bendahara Bukit. He gets up to the peak, but he makes sure you get there as well.

Our first stop 14km up. Din is having a powerstick..

Fariq " Lima minit lagi boleh?

Dah lima minit dah...

Finally one stone marker (The sign is actually wrong, the number 1 is missing from both figures) spirit booster.

Wrong also OK, just pose beside the stone.

The other side of the marker with correct figures.

Semangat dah pulih, dah minum Bulleh.

Abah!!! Askar Jepun dah sampai Malaya!!!

Basikal basikal tentera Jepun at Gap.

Khairi" Jangan buang sampah di merata rata, cuma di tempat yang disediakan. "

Halfway up the Gap - Bukit Fraser road - very motivating sign board.

Gambar bukti mesti ambik

Finally, last stretch before the gate.

Sending message to mother, " Dah berjaya naik Bukit Fraser"

Lambatnya Nasi Goreng ni.

I am Raja... oooppss sorry Mamak Bendahara Bukit.

Dapat title Dato' Laksamana Bukit pun ok jugak

Oii cepat ambil gambar, kabus dah datang, sejukla. Shahbandar Bukit.

Kami dah naik Bukit Fraser Brader.... Like the Mat Salleh rider said " Wrong bike, wrong tire.. but for me.. mountain bike mountain tire.

Back down at Gap... ready to ride back

My Mio Drive heart rate monitor at the end of the trail - calories burnt.. Have to refill.

Total Time" 8 hours 50 minutes
Total Distance 69km according to Din, 72km according to Fariq

Bicycles : GTS Pro M5 - Kenda Kwest Road tires ( Fariq definitely not satisfied with this, next time up will be mountain tires)
Dabomb Tora Bora - Maxxis 2.0 TT Mountain Tires
Merida Matts - Cheng Shin 1.5 road tires (Khairi also changing to mountain tires next time.
Norco Bushpilot - 2.1 Panaracer XCpro

Average Rider Age : 35 years (Thanks to Fariq)

Log - 7.30am from KD, delay due to bicycle loading problems
8.45 at Kuala Kubu Baru
9.00 located Din at Mamak Shop - Breakfast first
9.30 at Selangor Dam
9.50 Start Riding
12.30 Arrive at Gap have to wait for gate to open.
1.00 Start up to Fraser
2.00 Downhill traffic begins, have to slow down or stop.
3.00 Arrive at Fraser gate.
4.40 start down hill.
4.55 arrive at Gap
6.10 Arrive at Selangor Dam.
7.45 Arrive at KD

We'll be doing it again

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  1. wowww...macam menyesal x pegi...lain kali kalau korang nk pg...aku nk join laa...insyallah