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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Antara Gapi Ride August 2009

It's been a very very very very long time since I updated the blog. Many things have happened, many trails ridden. So much to do but so little capability.

Anyway, one step at a time.

I did the PKNS Antara Gapi MTB Challenge in August, my first ride on my new Norco Bushpilot. The Kona went to Melaka to serve Anson ( I hope he is happy with it)

The ride was well advertised, no one wanted to participate at first but Dr Khairul persuaded me to join in. In the end he did not turn up. So I joined Ezad and the others of KTR for the ride. It was a memorable ride for me as I managed not to finish last this time.

Anyway the pictures.

The stalls at the start, breakfast set, Nasi Lemak plus Hot Tea RM 2.00 only

My Number

Ezad and Khalili in the crowd

I am the Fox man

Registration counter

Setting up, group photo at parking

Joining the crowd

Many teams and many colours, no sign of Dr Khairul

The ride is on

Into the offroad trail

Climbing into the rubber estate, traffic jam now

After exit from rubber estate, on road, not sure of what is ahead.

Climbing steep hill, (you really should try this)

Now into Oil Palm estate

Outside oil palm estate on village track

Into another Oil Palm Estate

The notorious downhill (imagine the RRI radar road without the tarmac)

Now the pushing begins

Trying to catch breath after pushing

Push again

and again

Group pushing photo

Group pushing photo from rear

Another rear view plus worn out pushers resting under Oil Palm tree

The push continues

Ezad, I don't want another push photo

Ezad posing, we are almost there I think

Tired pusher posing

There are still other pushers

Resting butterfly on hand of resting pusher

Pushers resting while pushing and in pushing pose

Proton T bolt overtaking Proton T Blaze in push mode

Aiyaa, tarak habis tolak laa

Resting pusher going to assistance of tired pusher now turned walker

The pushers succeed to the top ( or so we thought)

They tricked us, still pushing

The final summit, no more pushing I think

I was wrong

The mid point of the trail, PKNS refreshement lorry. Very decorative

Escort riders at lorry, the apples have already been finished.

Disappointed escort riders drinking orange juice.

Can take away ahh?

Into another Oil Palm estate

Route beside ex mining pool turned into lake

Finally the finish line. 29 km later

Posing on the stage, Rosli and Khalili were top 100, Ezad and me top 500.

Ezad resting, Khalili giving the wife the good news

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