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Thursday, April 9, 2009

KLMBH Bandar Tasek Puteri Ride - 4th April 09

I haven't updated the club's site for a long time. Slow internet connection and the backlog of rides building up. I'll update them in time, hopefully soon.

Meanwhile, the latest ride the KL Mountain Bikers Hash at Bandar Tasek Puteri Rawang is published here, photos courtesy of KLMBH Bikers and my trusty handphone camera.

Fariq, Dr Khairul and myself took part. Eddy was in Kuantan and Din in Hong Kong. Taif and Kman declined. We ran into Rosli and Din Subang at the event.

Wonderful event, long course a hard 28km, short course a scenic 15 km. We took the long course. Fariq finished 1 hour before me, Dr Kahairul about 15 minutes earlier. I got lost for about half an hour together with riders from Bandar Tun Razak on the false trails.

Anyway pictures speak for themselves.

The crowd at the beginning

Attending to registration and briefing

Hometeam Bandar Tasek Puteri Brigadier warming up

Crowd listening to the briefing

Another Bandar Tasek Puteri Hometeam the ARB

Dr Khairul trying to disguise himself as ARB member (failed)

The ride is flagged off

Fariq in the crowd

The riders climbing the 1st stage

Young rider in the middle

Bottleneck at entrance into estate

Early group resting under the shade

Ummu (BC's wife) overtaking me

Other riders overtaking while I take a breather

Crossing small stream

Fino on his Iron Horse

Pushing down slope, Ummu waiting to overtake me again

Fast and furious

Din Subang crossing bridge

Long route riders meet scenic route riders

Scenic view at the top

This is where we first got lost, BTR rider in front

Searching for the paper trail

A BTR rider in trouble, loose handle

Another rider coming up

Ummu passing us again

Another group of lost riders, I am spying like a sniper

Finally the exit

Fariq, hot and tired after waiting for an hour

Best Cendol in the world, cooling off after a hard long ride

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