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Friday, April 10, 2009

FRIM Ride 29 03 09

Dr Khairul, Taif, Fariq and me did the Dreamtrail ride at Frim. Actual route, parked at Dr Khairul's house, rode down to Lagong Trail 300m from his house, from Lagong trail into Dreamtrail, out at Rover Track, up to Blue Pipe, down to Sg Buloh, up Chinese Cemetery, down to PKKN, back the way we came from into FRIM.

Eddy and Din did the trail the day before but from Sg Buloh, lead by an aspiring Selangor MTB challange contender. They had to keep up with his pace, which I guess made them contenders as well.

This ride was memorable for two things, I was victim of 6 leech bites, and the memorable view from the Chinese Cemetery. Dr Khairul declined my offer to take his photograph there.

We also lost Taif exiting Rover track. We later found out that he went to the FRIM cafeteria from there.

It was my first time into the Dreamtrail, but it reminded me very much of the Kota Damansara Community Forest trail.

At the entrance of Dream Trail, we were still in Lagong trail

Taif making sure that he was comfortable in his padded cycling gear

Here we go in

One of the leeches that got me, very happy with my blood.

Another picture of the leech

The leech trying to wriggle on hot cement at PKKN

The leech now regretting it's choice of victim or delay in decision to let go

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