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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bicycles for Charity - Conclusion

Finally, almost 2 years after the initial idea by Raja Saadi. I delivered 4 bicycles to an Orphanage. The Asrama Damai in Kuang.

The whole project went through many obstacles, the last and most difficult was repairing the bicycles we could gather. I finally solved this problem by finding lesser damaged bicycles from BBS.

This was actually a big problem as the cost of repairing a bicycle is more than if you purchase a new one. More so if it is a geared bicycle. We actually have a stock of at least 8 more bicycles to repair. After the initial effort. Ezad and me almost gave up.

Anyway, on the 1st of Muharram , 7th December 2010. I took 4 repaired bicycles in my car, together with Fahmi and Fahim to the orphanage. Adzimah, Fariq and Afiqah had helped repair them but could not be brought along.

It was an experience for the heart as the boys of the orphanage surrounded the car. " Tu aku punya. Yang biru tu aku punya, kau ambik yang merah tu. Yang hitam tu aku nak."

I could only imagine what they felt. In fact because of the rush, I forgot to take photographs of event.

We will be doing this again. Hopefully soon. Eddy has some bicycles as well.

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