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Monday, March 22, 2010

Self Made Jersey - Cycling team style

I made a jersey, cycling team style, well not exactly cycling team style, but almost. Since I am a die hard Renault fan, having owned several models over the years. I made one using the Renault and associated logos.

Very proud of the result I am, looks expensive but actually not.

Costs - Jersey RM 23
Transfer Paper RM 55 - 10 pieces Canon Transfer paper ( Easyink - RM 36 but Canon better quality) I used only 4 pieces.

Ink - already in the printer but maybe say RM 20 at the most,

Logos - Free from Internet

Electricity - 1/2 hour of ironing

Total cost roughly RM 70

But better than the ciplak jersey you pay RM 75 for, not really liking the logos.

Directions- print the logos on the paper.
Cut nicely round the edges of the print. Use steam iron, without steam, normal iron is not hot enough. Warm iron up at max tempreture for 5 minutes and press on the transfer. Follow instructions on the transfer packages.. So far I found that Canon has best instructions.

Anyway happy trying.

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