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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chengkau Cycling Club Official Website is moving

Notice. Notice. Notice.

Attention Attention Attention.

The Official Chengkau Cycling Club website has been moved to Chengkau.ning.com. The moving process is still in progress but ramai dah pindah.
It is hoped that the new Ning website which is has much more to offer in terms of versatility to everyone will be beneficial. So to Ezad, Sue, Dodo Karu, Wak Rambo, MelBangi, Baling Biker, Scotts Obsession, Kelab PKNS MTB and others following the blog I wish to say thank you and hope you will use the new website for good use. I will not be blocking any members unless they are up to no good (tak nak pulak kena masuk jail macam brader blogger kita tu)

In the new site, just join as member and you are free to upload photos (up to 100 in single go, here only 5 at a time and selalu silap) post your own blog and most important post your own event and participate in events. You cannot do that here.

There are many other functionalities that I am only beginning to learn and will upgrade as we go on. I am hoping the new site will serve as a platform for cyclists to communicate with one another. I am now addicted to cycling.

The website is for cyclists by cyclists, part time, full time and sometimes.

Final story, Eddy called me and the following conversation ensued today. Eddy "Ron, hang dah buat coup d' etat, Presiden (Din) kat Hong Kong, tak dak sini, hang bok pelari blog, ha ha ha. Aku dah lama tak tengok rampasan kuasa macam ni, last sekali masa kita kat ITM dulu. Tak bagi tau, tak dak apa pun, tau tau dah tukarg. Memang rampasan kuasa" Me" Ha ha ha, memangla, hampa tak dak, dah call, sms berkali kali, sapa pun tak jawab, aku rampas kuasa la, ha ha ha" and finally with Din, Me "Din, Ha ha ha, Eddy kata aku buat rampasan kuasa masa hang tak dak, aku dah tukarg web site" Din " Ha Ha Ha, So I am now King without kingdom la, malam nanti kita jumpa"

Anyway, this blog will still continue, the title will be changed in due time, but it won't be a pure cycling blog anymore, old men like to tell stories.

I have posted links to the new site all over the blog, so you won't be lost. Just join the site, after all Chengkau Cycling Club is open to everyone, there are only really 3 of us goatherds, Eddy, Din and me. The rest is open to family, friends, acquaintances and all that we know, namely you. So just join the site and use it to fulfill your cycling need, social needs and whatever sane people do.

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